9 BBVA Deposit Questions (Quick Answers!)

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These are some common BBVA Compass Bank questions that you may have before or shortly after joining

Are you considering joining BBVA Compass Bank or maybe you’re already a member and have questions about the deposit services they offer and/or how they work?

Join us as we help you answer 9 questions concerning BBVA Compass Bank’s deposits. Some may surprise you!

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1) Does BBVA Direct Deposit Early?

BBVA’s Direct Deposit allows its customers to have a convenient and speedy method of depositing paychecks without having to travel to a bank branch.

As a general rule of thumb, while BBVA processes your direct deposits nearly instantly, you will not be able to access your funds early. The length of time it takes to access your direct deposit ultimately depends on how quickly your employer and their bank processes things.

2) What Time Does BBVA Direct Deposit Hit?

Your employer specifies the due date of direct deposits, but deposits generally occur within the same business day or on the next business day for non-bank dates. Direct deposits are usually booked immediately, and the deposits are typically made into your account between 2 am – 6 am. (1)


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3) Does BBVA Accept Third Party Checks?

Your ability to deposit or cash a third-party check really depends on a few things, including the amount of the third-party check. If the check value is relatively small, then getting this check cashed probably won’t be a big problem for you. If the check is a larger amount, then you may have some difficulty getting a third-party check cashed. Regardless, BBVA will probably require your photo ID and in some cases, may decide to not cash the check no matter what. (2)

4) Does BBVA Direct Deposit on Saturday?

No, BBVA does not direct deposit on Saturdays. They only process direct deposits on business days so you will need to wait until the following Monday for your direct deposit to be accessible. (3)

5) Can I see Pending Deposits on BBVA?

Yes, you can view all pending and posted transactions in your BBVA account even if the funds are unavailable including pending deposits. Details can be viewed through the “View Transaction Activity” option under the Payments and Transfers section. Any financial transaction applied to the available BBVA Online Banking account balance but has not been cleared would be classified as a pending transaction.

6) How Long Does BBVA Take to Clear a Check?

It typically takes up to five business days for BBVA to clear checks and make your funds available. However, checks may remain on hold for numerous reasons, depending on influencing factors. These details can be viewed within “Funds Availability Disclosure” within the deposit account agreement.


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7) Does BBVA Have a Direct Deposit Limit?

There is no specified limit, but Direct Deposits under $5,525 fall within BBVA’s general processing policies. Direct deposits can be set up by downloading and filling out the Payroll Direct Deposit Form. The employer or Human Resources Department should handle setting up the direct deposits to the specified account. 

Direct Deposit enrollment can also be set up by contacting the SSI (Social Security and Supplemental Security Income), Civil Service Retirement, or Veteran’s Compensation and Pension. After these bodies have been consulted, Standard Form 1199a should be completed and brought to a BBVA branch for completion.

8) Does BBVA Accept Money Orders?

Yes, BBVA can accept most money orders provided that they are appropriately written and are endorsed. However, BBVA may not accept deposits involving checks written from personal accounts, cash advance checks from credit card issuers, most loan checks, traveler’s checks, eChecks that have been printed, checks that are not made in USD, U.S. savings bonds, and checks written to another individual or business.

9) Can You Mobile Deposit a Money Order with BBVA?

BBVA typically allows you to deposit money orders through their app by providing the deposited money orders’ source and purpose. Clear front and back pictures are required with up to 15 photo deposits per month and a limit of $3000 per deposit, with the first five money orders being limited to $2000. The first $200 may be released to you the following business day, after which the remainder will be released the day after. 

The BBVA mobile app does allow users to deposit checks by providing clear photographs of the front and back of the check and enables users to deposit multiple checks in one session. BBVA endorses the process, necessitating the user’s signature and information and “BBVA Compass” below this information.


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