9 Chime® Fee Questions (Quick Answers!)

Smartphone laying on a notebook that has a smartphone with Chime open on it

Chime is a favorite among many due to its no-monthly fee. Users also enjoy ChimeSpot me, preventing overdraft fees on debit card purchases. These favorite, no-fee features of Chime have led many people to believe that it does not charge any fees. Of course, you shouldn’t think this since Chime has some fees. Still, it’s … Read more

Activating Your Chime® Card [Complete 2023 Guide]

How to activate your chime card

The digital revolution has made online banking the new norm these days. Everyone is tired of traditional banking methods and many are ready to switch to an online-only banking platform like Chime. There is no doubt that Chime is the most popular and beginner-friendly online bank for many people right now. As a new member, … Read more

11 Chime® Check Deposit Questions (Quick Answers!)

Chime Check Deposits

When using an online-only financial service, many people wonder what options they have when it comes to depositing a physical check. With over 12 million users worldwide, Chime is one of the most popular online-only financial services available. But how do you deposit checks with Chime? Can you mail a check to them for deposit? … Read more