Cash App Free Money (Complete 2023 Guide)

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Cash App has over the years experienced rapid growth and become one of the most popular P2P payment apps with over 40 million users.  You can conveniently make payments, send/receive money, or invest for as little as $1.

Did you also know that you can get free money with Cash App?

In this detailed guide, we cover some of the ways you can earn money on Cash App. We also give you tips on how to spot Cash App scams that claim to offer free money.

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Does Cash App Give Free Money?

Yes, Cash App does give away free money through bonuses, boosts, referrals, and more. 

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How Do You Get Free Money From Cash App?

Some of the ways you can get free money from Cash App include:

Get $5 for Signing Up

Cash App allows you to get a bonus when you enter the invite code of the person who invited you to the Cash App. You need to send five dollars from a new Cash App account via the linked debit card within two weeks of entering the code to qualify for the bonus.

Note that you cannot receive a bonus if you were invited by someone who authorized your account.  You need a current member’s invitation link for the offer.


To earn a $5 bonus, you need to:

  • Download Cash App and provide your phone number for registration.
  • Link a debit card to Cash App.
  • Launch the app and scroll to the top-left corner to find the settings icon
  • Scroll to the bottom and click on the invite code field
  • Enter the provided invitation code to apply the bonus.
  • Send $4 or more within 14 days after entering the invitation code.

You’ll get your $5 bonus after completing these steps.

Cash Card Boosts

Cash App introduced Cash App boosts to allow users to save money. However, you need a Cash App card to start using the boosts feature. These boosts can be a flat dollar discount or a percentage discount. 

With Cash App boosts, you can save money when you use the Cash App card at a restaurant, coffee shop, or any merchant. The Cash App card tab has a list of current boosts available.

Note that certain boosts are locked and you need to meet specific conditions to qualify for the boost. For example, you need to make five purchases to qualify for a 10% off Walmart discount. 

Another critical thing to note is that most boosts have an expiry date that you can check by tapping on them. Some boosts display the number of hours left on the boost. Expiry dates don’t change no matter when you unlocked or swapped it out.

After getting a Cash Card, you’ll have to go through other steps to activate the boost before making a purchase.

  • Launch Cash App on your phone and click on the Cash Card tab on the home screen.
  • Tap on save with boost and scroll through the options available.
  • Select add boost. You’ll get a confirmation that the boost has been added to your Cash Card.

After tapping on the boost, you should see the offer details like the number of times you can use the boost, the validity of the offer, and the saving percentage you are entitled to. Once you tap on add boost, the saving will be activated and displayed below the Cash App card image.

Complete the transaction with your preferred merchant after activating the boost. 

Note that there can only be one boost active at a time. However, you can replace the boost by swapping the active boost.  To swap or change the Cash App boost, click on the Cash Card tab and choose another boost to add. That will change your boost. Additionally, the terms and conditions differ between various boosts. Ensure that you read them carefully. 

Cash App also updates the boosts, which is why you should always check the offers in place.

Another impressive feature is that you can use Cash App boost also for online transactions via the Cash Card. A good example is the DoorDash boost. Simply activate the boost before placing your order online. A discount will be applied automatically once you place the order.

If you have a problem with Cash App boost, you may need to check if:

  • You’ve reached the minimum purchase allowed to qualify for a boost
  • You’ve not activated the boost to your Cash App card before proceeding with the transaction.
  • The specific boost has expired.

You can also contact Cash App support to have the issue checked if you’re still having the same problem. 

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Refer Friends

Another critical point to note is that Cash App gives you and the referral a $5 bonus for every successful referral. 

After registering on Cash App, you are given a referral code. 

To earn referral bonuses, you need to:

  • Launch Cash App and click on invite friends.
  • Provide your friend’s email or phone number to send them a referral.

When your referral downloads Cash App and links a debit card and sends $5 within 2 weeks, you’ll earn a $5 credit. Note that there are no limits to the number of referral bonuses you can earn. 

Social Media Contests

You can also make free money on Cash App via social media contests. Cash App posts special discounts and rewards on social media that you can always take advantage of. Most of these contests are announced on Twitter and Instagram.

Cash App also sends notifications to its users alerting them of the giveaways. 

An example of a popular social media contest was the Cash App Bitcoin giveaway.  The sweepstakes was open to residents of the U.S. with an eligible and verified Cash App account.  This contest ran from March, 17th 2021, and ended on March 19th, 2021. Participants needed to also have a Twitter or Instagram account.

Super Cash App Friday. The contest allows you to win by using the #CashAppFriday hashtag. It’s free to participate in these giveaways, but winning is not always guaranteed. 

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Bitcoin Boosts

Cash App allows you to earn bitcoin on Cash Card purchases. Unlike Cash Card boosts, Bitcoin boosts to give you Bitcoin rewards instead of cash rewards on shopping offers. 

You automatically get bitcoin deposited into your Bitcoin balance when you make a Cash card purchase and choose Bitcoin Boost.

To add bitcoin boost:

  • Launch Cash App, and select the Card tab on the home screen.
  • Click on save with boost and choose  a boost.
  • After adding a boost, you should start gettting Bitcoin on your purchases.

It’s possible to see the amount of Bitcoin you’ve gotten on a particular transaction when you check Cash card transactions in the activity tab.

Note that there are no fees applied to Bitcoin boosts.

Does Cash App Free Money Work?

Yes, Cash App free money works. However, you have to understand the legitimate ways to get bonuses and cash backs while using the Cash App.

Spotting Free Money Cash App Scams

Cash App, like popular apps isn’t scam-proof. There are people out to scam money from unsuspicious users with the promise of free money.

If you notice that a deal is so good to be true, sometimes it is.

Below are popular cash App scams and how to spot them to avoid losing your hard-earned money. 

  • Lottery Game Scam

If you Google how to make free money on Cash App, you may notice that some sites suggest playing an instant win lottery game. They claim that you can get as much as $500. All you need is to enter your are encouraged ID and spin the wheel to win.

After getting a winning spin, you need to complete the options available. Although some apps that are willing to pay, you won’t earn as much as $500.

  • Fake Cash App Giveaway Scam

Cash App is popular for its CashApp Friday giveaway on Instagram and Twitter. Users are encouraged to follow and share a particular post for them to enter into your sweepstakes and win cash. 

Scammers are now targeting those who’ve shared social media posts by creating fake accounts and messaging them. You may be informed that you won a cash prize in another giveaway. However, you need to send them some money to verify your identity for them to send the prize.  After sending them the cash, the scammers block you. 

Some scammers may also send a fake Cash App link for you to sign into and get your prize. Unfortunately, they end up stealing your login details, including your personal information. 

  • Gift Card Scams

Some sites encourage you to buy a digital gift card and return it to the sender for verification with the promise of getting a bigger reward. Unfortunately, the fraudster swindles you of the money and you never get any reward.

Another popular scam will have you send money to another Cash App account with the promise of getting a reward. You’ll never get this money back.

  • Fake Referral Bonus Scam

In recent years, fraudsters have discovered a way to get unsuspecting Cash App users to sign for various apps and earn a non-existent referral bonus. Unfortunately, the deposits end up in a different hashtag.

  • Fake Cash App Support

Some scammers may pretend to be Cash App support to get access to your personal information. Most Cash App users may go online trying to find a support line phone number and come across a site that claims to be support for Cash App Users. In reality, it’s a scam as Cash App doesn’t have a direct line to their customer service. 

A few con artists may also ask for your credit/debit card number, security information, or Cash App PIN that is linked to your Cash App. Giving out these crucial details could compromise your personal and bank account information. 

Wrapping Up

Cash App is one of the apps that allows you to earn free money through referrals, social media contests, Cash Card boosts, among others.  However, you need to be careful and not fall into common Cash App scams. Contact support through your mobile app, set up two-factor authentication, and verify the legitimacy of any Cash App giveaways and sweepstakes. 

Note that the referral bonuses and cash card boosts may not be enough to cover your bills, but they can be a great side hustle.