11 Chase Bank Deposit Questions (Quick Answers!)

chase bank deposits

Updated & Verified: July 31, 2021

Chase Bank (JP Morgan) is one of the largest banks in the United States serving nearly half of American households and with over 4,700 branch locations and 16,000 ATMs for you to use in addition to online banking and one of the best banking apps available today. (1)

When it comes to deposits with Chase Bank, there are some important things you should know:

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1) What Time Does Chase Direct Deposit Hit?

According to Chase Bank Customer service, direct deposits will typically hit or post to your Chase Bank account between 3 AM and 5 AM on the next business day following when your employer’s bank initiated your direct deposit. Often you will see your direct deposit as “pending” after 11 PM prior to it actually posting to your account. (2)

2) Does Chase Direct Deposit Early?

At this time, Chase Bank does not offer an early direct deposit service where you are spotted the money from an upcoming deposit – though sometimes you can get it the same business day as when the deposit was initiated. In most cases, though, you will receive your direct deposit in your account between 3 AM and 5 AM the following business day after when your employer’s bank initiates the deposit.

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3) How to See Pending Deposits on Chase

If you’re expecting a deposit but haven’t seen it in your account yet, one thing you can do is check to see if you have any pending deposits with your Chase account.

Here is how:

  • Go to the “My Wallet” section within your Chase Bank app.
  • Now select the “Payments” option and a list of pending transactions will be displayed.
  • Tap on any of the transactions you can see more details including the transaction date and amount of depost as well as the expected depost date.

4) What Is the Mobile Deposit Limit for Chase?

According to the information made available to us from Chase Bank customer support, Chase mobile QuickDeposit now boasts an increased daily deposit limit of $10,000USD. The limit for rolling 30-days is $25,000USD – a significant increase from the $20,000USD limit it had previously.

5) Does Chase Deposit on Saturday or Sunday?

You can deposit money into your Chase Bank account any day of the week – including on weekends. However, as a result of industry standards, the deposit will not be processed or posted into your account until the following Monday thru Friday business day.

6) How Long Does It Take for Checks to Clear With Chase?

Chase boasts some of the fastest check clearing times in the industry. The majority of check clearing takes just one business day, and the verified amount is deposited into your account that very moment. According to the official statement, any check processed before 8 PM (local time) will have the funds deposited by midnight. If the check is processed after 8 PM, the funds will be deposited the next business day.

7) Can You Deposit Coins With Chase?

As a general rule of thumb, you can deposit coins with Chase Bank for free. However, you will have to make the deposit over-the-counter at a branch location. Also, Chase will only accept paper-rolled coins, including quarters, dimes, nickels, and pennies. So, if you have bucket loads of coins to deposit, you may be better off taking them elsewhere to turn them into cash before depositing.

8) Can Chase Deposit Money Orders?

According to Chase Bank customer support, you can deposit money orders with your Chase Bank account through an ATM, in-person at a Chase Bank branch location, or by using the Chase Bank mobile app. In most cases, you would deposit the money order into your Chase Bank account just like you would with any check.

9) Can You Deposit Cash Using a Chase ATM?

Yes, you can deposit cash using a Chase ATM. However, depositing cash into an ATM is often a bad idea (not just with Chase) as if for some reason there is an issue with processing your deposit, you may not be able to prove how much cash you deposited and it leaves you more vulnerable to having that money stolen.

10) Does Chase Deposit Checks Instantly?

Chase does not deposit checks instantly. As a general rule of thumb, checks deposited by 8 PM, will typically be available in your account by Midnight. Checks deposited after 8 PM will be available in your account the next business day.

11) What is the Chase ATM Deposit Limit?

There is no limit to how much money you can deposit into your Chase account using an ATM. However, as a result of the physical limitations of an ATM, you may be limited in how many checks or bills you can deposit during a single transaction.


Chase Bank makes it fast and easy to deposit money into your account. However, unlike some banks, they do not offer the ability to receive your deposits early. In most cases, your direct deposit will hit your Chase Bank account between 3 AM and 5 AM the following business day after the deposit was initiated by your employer’s bank.


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