11 Chime Deposit Questions (Quick Answers!)

when do chime direct deposits hit

Updated & Verified: May 26, 2021

Ever wonder when Chime direct deposits hit your account?

There are currently over 27 million online bank accounts open throughout the United States – with Chime being one of the biggest players in the industry. (1)

When it comes to deposits using Chime, there are some important things you should know:

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1) What Time Does Chime Direct Deposit Hit?

As a general rule, direct deposits with Chime should be in your account by 9:00 AM eastern time, but ultimately it really depends on how quickly your employer and their bank processes things. If they process them fast enough, you could potentially get your direct deposit up to 2 days early with Chime.

If this is your first direct deposit with Chime, don’t be surprised if this one is slower with future direct deposits being made into your account often a fair amount faster – possibly up to 2 days faster.

2) Does Chime Direct Deposit Early?

Chime offers the ability for you to receive your direct deposit payments up to 2 days early depending on how quickly your employer and their bank processes things.

To do this, you need to already have direct deposits established with your employer using your Spending Account. If you haven’t done so yet, this is the first thing you need to do.

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3) How to Setup Early Direct Deposits with Chime (Step-by-Step)

  • Login to your Chime account from within the app or online.
  • Find and select the “Move Money” option to locate your Chime account number and routing number. If you’d prefer, you can alternatively get a pre-filled form sent to you by selecting to have it emailed or by printing or downloading it.
  • Give your account number and routing number to your employer – or if you have one, give them pre-filled form.
  • Verify you are receiving your direct deposits correctly.

4) Does Your First Direct Deposit with Chime Come 2 Days Early?

As a general rule, your first direct deposit with Chime will not come 2 days early. However, subsequent direct deposits at least have the potential of being available in your account up to 2 days early.

How long it takes for you to actually receive your money will depend on how fast your employer and their bank processes things.

5) Why am I Not Getting Paid 2 Days Early with Chime?

There are a few reasons why you may not receive your direct deposit 2 days early with Chime.

The most common reason is often either your employer or your employer’s bank has processed things too slowly. 

Additionally, if your payday falls on a holiday weekend, your payment may be delayed because of it. (2)

Another potential reason why you may not get paid 2 days early with Chime is that this is your first direct deposit payment with them. If it is, the first one is typically slower but many times subsequent deposits will be at least faster.

6) Does Chime Direct Deposit on Weekends?

Chime only direct deposits Monday through Friday. They do not process direct deposits on weekends (no banks do).

If for some reason your direct deposit was supposed to arrive on the weekend, it will typically arrive the following Monday or whatever the next business day is.

7) Does Chime Charge for Direct Deposit?

Chime does not charge a fee for direct depositing money into your account.

For more information about fees and how to avoid paying them, click here.

8) How to Know the Status of Your Direct Deposit on Chime

You can instantly receive a push notification and email when your direct deposit hits your Chime account. (3)

In order to receive these notifications, you need to enable transactions notifications within your account.

You can also try contacting Chime to see where your direct deposit is but since Chime doesn’t put a hold on deposits and instantly adds them to your account as soon as you receive them, it is unlikely they will be able to tell you much.

9) Does Chime Show Pending Deposits?

Yes, Chime shows pending deposits right on its main screen.

You can see which deposits are pending based on the color of the dollar amounts. Deposits that are pending are gray in color.

This makes it fast and easy to see which deposits haven’t hit your account yet.

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10) Does Chime Have Mobile Check Deposits?

Chime offers free mobile check deposits for members who currently have a spending account.

However, your eligibility to use mobile check deposits is determined by Chime and is based on your account history among several other factors.

If for some reason you aren’t able to use mobile check deposits, make sure to contact Chime support to find out exactly why.

11) How Long Does Chime Mobile Check Deposit Take?

Mobile check deposits using Chime can vary greatly in the length of time it takes for the transaction to be complete.

This is due in large part to the fact that there are other banks at play and how fast they process things will also affect the length of time for your mobile check deposit to clear.

In general, you should plan on it taking up to 5 business days for your mobile check deposit to clear and for those funds to be accessible. This is standard in the banking industry and not specific to just Chime users.

It may be faster than that but it’s always best to plan for the worst and hope for the best.

In Closing

Chime makes it super simple to receive deposits in your account.

They don’t charge a fee and in some cases, you may be able to get your money 2 days earlier than you normally would when using their direct deposit service.

Setting up early direct deposits is basically the exact same process is setting up any other direct deposit service – you just give your bank account number and routing number to your employer and sign whatever forms they need you to sign and you should be all set.


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