How to Use Chime Pay Anyone® (Complete 2023 Guide)

This is how Chime Pay Anyone works

How’s it going Chimers?! Get this… Not long ago, Chime upgraded the money sending portion of their app (formally known as “Pay Friends”) and made it so you now can send money to or request money from pretty much ANYONE (hence the name change to Chime “Pay Anyone”). Even if they don’t use Chime or … Read more

How to Set Up Chime® Direct Deposits (Complete 2023 Guide)

This is how to set up Chime direct deposits

Hey Chime-ers! Check this out… As of 2021, Chime is being used by roughly 12 MILLION people. Pretty crazy when you think about it. With all of Chime’s popularity, using it for direct deposits would be ideal for many. Especially considering how EASY it is to use Chime. But… How do you set up direct … Read more

Can You Use Chime® SpotMe to Send Money with Cash App in 2023? (Answered!)

Can you use Chime SpotMe with Cash App

Chime’s overdraft feature called SpotMe is a great way to get up to $200 without any fees. However, can you use Chime SpotMe to send money with Cash App? Unfortunately, you can’t use Chime SpotMe for sending money with Cash App. SpotMe is an overdraft feature from Chime that covers debit card purchases and cash … Read more

How to use Chime® with Apple Pay (Complete 2023 Guide)

Man holding a smartphone with Apple Pay on it

Chime is a financial company with one of the best and most intuitive apps in the industry – and Apple Pay is one of the most popular payment platforms available today. If you’ve wondered, this is how to link Chime with Apple Pay: Open your Apple Wallet app and tap on the “+” button in … Read more

Using Chime® with PayPal (Complete 2023 Guide)

Person holding smartphone with Chime on it

Online money transfer apps and services have revolutionized how we send and receive money. You no longer need to visit an ATM or bank to send or transfer money. PayPal and Chime are some popular online platforms that allow you to transfer money to people, businesses, and other organizations. However, unlike PayPal which charges a … Read more