How to Reopen a Closed Cash App Account (Complete 2023 Guide)

How to reopen a closed Cash App account

Hey Cash App-ers (or former Cash App-ers). Get this… MANY people are reporting that Cash App is randomly closing accounts. Frustrating – right? Even a popular YouTube Cash App influencer had his account banned for seemingly NO reason which is crazy considering how many people he has likely sent Cash App’s way. In most cases, … Read more

THIS is What Time Chime® Direct Deposits Should Hit Your Account (2023 Guide)

What time does Chime direct deposit hit?

Hey Chime Users! Ever wonder when your direct deposit will hit your Chime account? I know I did when I started using Chime. Chime Direct Deposit Times: Chime direct deposits should hit your account by 5:00 PM ET Monday to Friday unless it’s a Federal/banking holiday. This is the latest it should hit your account … Read more

How to Block People on Venmo (Complete 2023 Guide)

Blocking People on Venmo

If you’re one of the millions of people who use Venmo to send and receive payments, you may be wondering if you can block someone. After all, with so many people using Venmo, there’s bound to be someone that you’d rather not have access to your transactions. Luckily, Venmo does allow you to block people, … Read more

Does Chime® Work With Facebook Pay? (2023 Complete Guide)

Does Chime work with Facebook Pay

A few years ago, I saw that Facebook added the ability to send people money through the Facebook platform (using Messenger) though to be honest, I never tried it at the time. Recently, however, I’ve noticed it becoming increasingly popular to send money through Facebook Pay so I decided to try it out and see … Read more

11 Chime® Credit Builder Card Questions (Quick Answers!)

Chime Credit Builder Questions

Approximately 26 million Americans currently have no credit history – and roughly 16% have what is considered poor credit (a credit score of 579 or below). There are many options available to help people establish and build their credit with some working better than others. Not long ago, Chime introduced the Chime Credit Builder card … Read more