How to Close Your Chime® Account (Complete 2023 Guide)

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Chime is a great online financial that allows you to transfer money to family and friends without fees and get your direct deposits a few days early.

However, even with the benefits of using Chime,  you may decide to close your account for one reason or another.

If so, you’re going to need a guide on closing your chime account correctly to avoid any potential issues.

In this guide, I’ll show you the exact steps you need to take to safely close your Chime account.

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How to Close Your Chime Spending Account Online (Step-By-Step)

If you look at Chime’s website, you will notice there’s not a lot of help in closing your account. However, below you’ll find the extract steps on closing your Chime spending account online.

Before you try to close your Chime spending account, make sure it’s at a zero balance, and there are no pending transactions.

  • First, you need to move the money in your Chime spending account into another account. So, before you try closing your account with Chime, make sure to transfer your money to Cash App or PayPal. Also, if your account is at a negative balance, you will have to pay it fully before closing your account.
  • Next, Take the time to unlink any accounts you have tied to your Chime’s account. The extra step might not seem important, but it is necessary if you want to avoid a potential fee that might come with a money transfer. Avoiding the additional costs can help make the process of closing your Chime account a lot easier and saving money is obviously a good thing.
  • Finally, you will have to send a quick email to for a request to delete your spending account. You may feel as though this is a hassle and prefer to do it with a click of a button. I’m sorry to say it’s not that simple. If you want to close your Chime account, you’re going to have to do it this way.

Here is an example of a professional email you can send to support if you’re having trouble making your own.

From: your email
Subject line: Request of canceling my Chime’s Spending Account

Dear Chime Support,

I’m contacting you in regards to closing my Chime Spending Account. This decision is due to me no longer needing your services. (Or whatever your reason is for closing).

Below you’ll find some of my personal information needed n closing the account:

Your full name
Full address
Chime’s Account Number

Please kindly take the time to close my account and let me know when it is done. Also, if there is anything else you need from me, please let me know.

Thank you,

Your Name

After a few days of emailing Chime support, you can call customer support to ensure your account gets closed. You can contact them at 1-844-244-6363.

I highly suggest that you call them with all the reference numbers you received in the email. By doing so, you can provide this information to the staff if they ask for it. When you talk with them, ask about your account status and when your account will be closed. Pretty simple, right?

Are There Fees When Closing a Chime Account?

As a general rule of thumb, there is no fee associated with closing your account.

However, this is if you have a negative balance or any outstanding transactions that haven’t cleared yet, you may have fees that you need to pay before your account is fully closed.

Does Chime Delete Inactive Accounts?

In general, Chime does not automatically close inactive accounts.

Nevertheless, if you do not comply with Chime’s terms and conditions, then your account may be closed without warning.

For many online-only financial services, you can only use your account for personal purposes. According to Nasdaq, Chime may close your account if they suspect you are using it for business purposes.

So If you’re a  freelance writer, you may way to select a different online service that’s more friendly to your business. Some other online services you may be able to use are Oxygen, Novo, and BlueVine.

Also, If they suspect that you are using their account for fraudulent reasons, they will close your account without notice.

How to Close a Chime Savings Account

Now that you know how to close a Chime Spending Account let’s show you how to close a Chime Savings Account. You will find the steps to be quite simple.

If you want to close your Chime Savings Account, you will have to contact support to speak with a representative. You can find the number to contact a representative by visiting Chime’s website here.

Also, if you have money in your savings account, you’re going to need to transfer it before closing. The best way to do this is to move the funds from your savings into your spending account. After that, you should move the money into one of your other accounts.

How to Cancel a Chime Credit Builder Account

The Chime credit builder allows you to build credit by making everyday purchases such as groceries and bills. However, even with the simple way to help you build credit, you may decide to close your account.

If so, you will have to contact support once again to let them know you like to cancel your Chime Credit Builder Account. You can email them by using the same email address above or contacting them at 1 (844) 244-6363.

How to Cancel Your Chime Debit Card

If you have a lost or stolen Chime debit card, please contact customer support about canceling and reissuing a replacement card. Below are the exact steps for you to take on how to cancel your Chime debit card.

  • Open your Chime account on your phone.
  • Look at the top left of the home screen to see the little gear for settings.
  • Next, scroll down under the debit card section. You’ll find the option “Replace Your Card.”
  • Choose which option best fits you can follow the directions.

Can You Reopen a Closed Chime Account?

No, you can not reopen a closed chime account. However, if you suspect Chime is closing your account on its own for no reason, then you might want to take the time to read this blog post here. I dive deep into the proper steps to take if your Chime account was closed and how to recover your money.

Can You Close a Chime Spending Account and Open a New One?

You can open a new Chime Spending Account after closing your current one if you want. However, it’s also important to note that you can’t have two separate Chime accounts. If you want a completely new account, you will first have to cancel the old one.

Wrapping Up

Now that you know the exact steps to take in deleting your Chime Account, you should have no problem doing so. However, if you do run into any issues when closing your Chime Account for good, make sure to contact support or visit their website for help.

Of course, you can also contact me if you have any more questions, and I’ll be happy to help you out.