Contact ChexSystems Customer Service (Speak with a Live Person)

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Updated & Verified: January 16, 2021

how to speak to a live person at chexsystems

Talk to a Live Person at ChexSystems 2021

Call 1-800-513-7125.

The automated system will ask you which language you prefer before presenting you with a number of other options.

To talk to a live person, choose option 7.

Before you call, though, are you aware of your rights as a consumer? Keep reading if you don't know.

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How do I find out if I have a negative ChexSystems score?

If you are unsure if you're currently on the ChexSystems "bad list", it's relatively easy to find out by requesting a report from them.

To request the report, you have several options - some of which are faster and easier than others.

Keep in mind also, you can only request this info for free once every 12 months and if you choose to have the report mailed to you, expect it to take approximately 5 business days.

  • Option 1: Call ChexSystems at 1-800-428-9623. Then follow the prompts in their automated system to request the report.
  • Option 2: Get your report online by visiting the ChexSystems website. This is the method that we recommend for most people. Answer the questions on their online form and choose if you want the report sent to you online or if you want it mailed to you. For most people, having it sent to you online is preferred.
  • Option 3: You can mail ChexSystems to request a report from them though this process is obviously much slower than the other options as you have to wait for the process of mailing and receiving mail which could take in excess of 10 business days. To do this, go to this link to get the request form. Then fill out and print the form before mailing it to:

Chex Systems, Inc.

Attn: Consumer Relations

7805 Hudson Road, Suite 100

Woodbury, MN 55125

  • Option 4: Instead of mailing ChexSystems your request form, you can alternatively fax it to them to make the process at least somewhat faster. To do this, print out your completed form and fax it to 1-602-659-2197.

Know your rights before you contact ChexSystems

Similar to credit reporting agencies, ChexSystems is governed by the Federal Credit Reporting Act  (FCRA). This means you have the right to dispute errors or mistakes on the ChexSystems report and to get clarity about the information collected.

A few of these rights include:

  • Anytime a ChexSystems report is used against you, you have the right to know. Typically this happens when you apply to open a new bank account and the bank rejects you. That bank is required to let you know that you were rejected because you have a negative ChexSystems report.
  • You can see your ChexSystems report at no charge once every 12 months. Similar to your credit report, you may want to make it a habit to request to see your ChexSystems report regularly. Since it's free, at the very least check it once per year to ensure the information is accurate.
  • If you find mistakes on your ChexSystems report, you have the right to dispute things and request an investigation of any inaccurate or incomplete information. Any mistakes or inaccurate information must be corrected or removed by ChexSystems within 30 days of when you file the dispute.

Effectively disputing inaccurate information on your ChexSystems report in 4 simple steps

If you have requested your ChexSystems report and have discovered inaccurate information or an error in the report, it's important to dispute the information as soon as possible. Otherwise you may have difficulty opening a new bank account among other potential issues.

  • Step 1: Make a copy of your ChexSystems report and circle and/or highlight the error(s) on both the original and the copy of your report. Keep the original for your records but mail a copy to both ChexSystems and to the bank if you were rejected when trying to open a new bank account. 
  • Step 2: Write a request for validation letter. If you are unsure how to write a request for validation letter, look online. It's easier than you may think. Mail this letter as well as a copy of your report with the circled or highlighted errors and any supporting documentation to ChexSystems and in the event you were denied a new bank account, to the bank as well. Use Certified Mail with a request for a return receipt. In this letter, make sure to include the following:
  • Clearly state which information you believe is inaccurate. Be as specific as possible and include any supporting documentation that you have.
  • Request validation of the information from the bank that reported it and to send copies of corresponding documentation bearing your signature.
  • Request deletion or correction of the inaccurate information.
    • Step 3: Wait for a response. ChexSystems and the bank each have 30 days after they have received your letter and documentation to investigate and send you a formal response. If they fail to respond in this timeframe, they are required by law to delete the notation from your report. In this case, a second letter may need to be sent known as a "demand for removal" letter.
    • Step 4: If ChexSystems acknowledges an error on your report but doesn't remove it, you may need to additionally send a "procedurally request" letter to ChexSystems. If any changes are made to your ChexSystems report, you are entitled to get a copy of your ChexSystems report free of charge, even if you've already received your free annual report from them.

    How long does a report stay on file with ChexSystems?

    If you have a ding on your ChexSystems report and you can't get it removed, it usually takes five years for it to fall off and no longer show up on your report.

    As a result, having this item on your report will likely limit your options when trying to open a new bank account.

    This is why it's so important to dispute any errors on your report and if the information is ultimately accurate, paying off the debt as quickly as possible to avoid having to wait.

    Does ChexSystems go on your credit?

    The short answer is no - at least not directly.

    That said, if you have been denied a checking or savings account at a bank as a result of your ChexSystem report, it's probably a result of having financial difficulties in the past which is probably impacting your credit history and credit score.

    Also, having a negative balance on a checking account and having that debt sent to a collection agency will likely harm your credit score. If this is the case, paying off this debt as quickly as possible is highly recommended.

    What you can do if disputes are not resolved with ChexSystems?

    If you are unsatisfied with the outcome if your dispute with ChexSystems, you can file a complaint with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.  

    Once your complaint is filed, it will be forwarded to ChexSystems to get a response. Depending on the situation, they may also forward your complaint to another Government agency for review.

    After they review your complaint, you will be contacted and told what steps need to be taken to resolve the issue. This process may take 15 to 60 days.

    If the complaint still doesn't resolve your dispute with ChexSystems, you may be able to seek damages from them as it maybe be a violation of your rights under the Fair Credit Reporting Act. If this is a route you would like to take, seeking legal advice from an attorney is highly recommended.


    ChexSystems doesn't make it simple to figure out how talk to an actual live customer service person instead of using their automated system. However, if you follow the process outlined here, you should have no problem getting a hold of someone there that can help you with your issue.

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