PayPal Mobile Check Deposits (Complete 2023 Guide)

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PayPal is a popular online payment method that has been around for many years. It was initially created to be used as an alternative to credit cards, but it has evolved into much more than just that. 

The app allows you to deposit checks via your bank account directly from within the app without having to send them in first. You can choose between direct deposit or mail-in deposit options. You can also make bill payments using this app. 

The app lets you select a pre-paid debit card or a linked checking account. You can then pay bills with a single tap. If you want to use PayPal‘s Bill Payment feature, you need to link your bank account to PayPal. This process takes only a few minutes and is free.

PayPal mobile check deposits
This is how to mobile deposit checks in your PayPal account.

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Can You Mobile Deposit a Check into PayPal?

Yes, you can! PayPal makes it easy to do so. You can deposit checks using your PayPal account. With the feature “Mobile Check Capture.”Once you’ve downloaded the PayPal app, you’ll see the option to capture a check. It would help if you were signed up for the PayPal service to take advantage of this feature. When you’re ready to deposit a check, follow these steps: Download the PayPal app, then Open the app Tap the “Capture a Check” button, select the type of check, enter the amount, and choose whether the check should be deposited immediately or sent to your bank.

If you’d like to receive a notification once the check clears, save the information, and send the Check to your bank.

How to Mobile Deposit a Check Using PayPal (Step by step)

To start, open the PayPal app.

  1. Select Wallet.
  2. Click Cash a check. We’ll ask for your location and camera permission).
  3. If you don’t already have one, you’ll are instructed to make a PayPal Balance account.
  4. Tap Next after inputting the check amount and taking a photo on both the front and back of your approved check with your Smartphone.
  5. Choose how fast you want to get your money and then touch Confirm. It is important to note that, while you can use the PayPal app to deposit checks, you cannot withdraw funds from your PayPal account using this tool. However, there are other ways to withdraw money from your PayPal account. For example, you can request a cash advance through the PayPal website. It usually takes a few moments to assess a check for approval. Still, it can take up to an hour to verify enough check information to authorize your check-in in unusual cases.
  6. If your check has cleared, you’ll be asked to write “invalid” on the front and resubmit an image of the check that shows it has been invalidated. Do not mark “INVALID” on your statement until instructed after getting approval that your check has been accepted.
  7. After completing the process, you’ll see a notification page confirming the credit amount and when the funds will be available in your PayPal account.

How to Endorse a Check for Mobile Deposit on PayPal?

When you endorse a check, you authorize someone else to cash it at a financial institution. You may support a Check because you want to avoid paying fees associated with cashing a check yourself. Or, perhaps you’re planning to give the check to another person as a gift.

To endorse a check, you need to know the recipient’s name. It is done via email or text message. Once you’ve received the name, select the check to endorse. Then, please choose whether you would like to approve the check or wait until it is processed.

If you approve the check, it will be added to your PayPal balance. You can also add a comment about why you endorsed the check.

If you wait until the check is processed, it will be added later to your PayPal balance.

You can also send a message to the recipient that they have an endorsed check waiting for them.

Additionally, the endorsement must meet the name on the front of the check to endorse a check. Therefore, it is best practice to include the payee’s name on the back of the check.

Can I Deposit My Stimulus Check on PayPal?

Yes! You can deposit your stimulus check directly into your PayPal balance. A direct deposit is a way to receive your payment quickly without having to go through the hassle of depositing it into your bank account first.

Direct deposit allows you to automatically deposit a part or all of your salary or federal payment into your PayPal account.

Direct deposit is the most popular method of transferring an employee’s salary. However, it is used to receive state or federal benefits or payments, such as Social Security, layoffs, tax refunds, the Child Tax Credit, or stimulus checks.

Here are the primary benefits of Direct Deposits;

  1. Money moves with ease from Payer to Payee after set-up
  2. No paperwork is required
  3. Money is deposited instantly
  4. No risk of losing money due to lost checks
  5. No risk of being charged fees by banks or other institutions
  6. Easy to set up and cancel
  7. Quicker than traditional methods of receiving money
  8. Less expensive than traditional methods of receiving payment
  9. No additional processing fee
  10. Can be used to receive any government benefit

How long does a Mobile Check Deposit take to clear Using PayPal?

It depends on how many checks you are trying to deposit. If you’re, attempting to deposit more than one check; it could take up to 6 business days to process. However, if you’re only depositing one check, it should clear within one day for the first time.

How Much Does PayPal Charge to Mobile Deposit a Check?

There is no fee for Money in Days (Delayed Funding for 10 Days). However, for money in Minutes (Expedited Funding), Salary and federal checks with a pre-printed verification are 1% with a $5.00 minimum cost.

All other approved check categories, such as hand-signed salary and social security checks, are charged 5%, with a $5.00 minimum fee.

How Much are Limits When Mobile Depositing a Check on PayPal?

The maximum amount to be deposited per transaction is $5 to $5,000. The limit applies to both the sender and receiver. On the other hand, while submitting multiple checks on the PayPal app, the limits are $5,000 per day and $15,000 per month. 

Extra transactions, day, month, and other limitations, as well as maximum amount limits, may apply to your Account, including transactions made with Ingo and other account financing transactions made elsewhere. If your account limits have been surpassed, the financial institution may be unable to transfer funds from your check to your Account.

Who do I contact if I have Problems Mobile Depositing a Check on PayPal?

If you experience problems using PayPal mobile deposits, please contact PayPal support. They will respond promptly to help resolve your issue.

Wrapping up

PayPal Mobile Check deposit is an easy and convenient way to send and receive money. You can use this service to send money to anyone, anywhere in the world. It means you don’t need to worry about sending cash or waiting for someone else to pick up their paycheck.

You can also use it to receive money from friends and family. It makes it easier to get paid without going to the bank every week. In conclusion, PayPal Mobile Check Deposits is an easy and secure payment method. It’s not hard to learn but requires some practice before you feel comfortable using it.