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Using Chime® with PayPal (Complete 2023 Guide)

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Online money transfer apps and services have revolutionized how we send and receive money. You no longer need to visit an ATM or bank to send or transfer money.

PayPal and Chime are some popular online platforms that allow you to transfer money to people, businesses, and other organizations. However, unlike PayPal which charges a certain fee to transfer funds, Chime’s transfers are free. 

If this is your first time using Chime and you’re wondering whether you can link it to PayPal or vice versa, our detailed guide covers everything you need to know about these two platforms.

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Can Chime be Linked to PayPal?

Yes, it’s possible to link Chime to PayPal. You’ll need to add Chime as a bank on PayPal to link them together. 

Let’s take a look at exactly how to link PayPal with your Chime account below.

Note that there’s no direct way to link Chime to PayPal. You’ll need to add Chime as a bank in PayPal to link them both. 

To get started using PayPal with your Chime account:

  • Step 1: Open PayPal on your computer browser and scroll over to the Pay and Get Paid menu at the top.
  • Step 2: Click on the Wallet menu to open the Banks and Cards option.
  • Step 3: You should see all the linked banks and cards on your PayPal account.
  • Step 4: Click on the Bank section and choose the add a new one. You’ll see a list of banks to choose from. Chime won’t be listed as an option.
  • Step 5: Move to the next screen and add your Chime’s routing and account number as your account. 
  • Step 6: Click on Link Your bank option to connect your Chime account with Paypal automatically.

Can I Use Chime SpotMe on PayPal?

Chime SpotMe cannot be used for direct debit transfers to PayPal or pay friends transfers. The only thing you can do is use your regular Chime balance to fund your PayPal account. 

Can Chime Send Money to PayPal?

PayPal treats Chime as a pre-paid card as it’s powered by bankcorp. Chime doesn’t have a direct way to send money to PayPal. However, you can transfer funds from your Chime to PayPal through an indirect way.

You have three options to use when sending money from Chime to PayPal.

  1. Use Chime as a bank to transfer funds to PayPal.
  2. Transfer funds to your PayPal cash card from the Chime account.
  3. Transferring money from Chime to PayPal via a linked bank account. 

Let’s take a closer look at each option below.

Option 1: Using Chime as a Bank to Transfer Funds to PayPal

Although Chime is not a bank, it operates like a regular bank account with check issuing capabilities, bank numbers, and FDIC insurance.

You can add Chime as a bank account via the PayPal site and add your Chime account number and routing number to the bank section. 

After linking Chime as a bank on PayPal, it’s time to initiate a funds transfer on PayPal. With this method, Chime maximum transfer limits won’t apply.

You can request for funds transfer via the PayPal app or site. 

To do this through the app:

  • Launch the PayPal app on your phone and provide your details to log in.
  • Click on your PayPal balance and tap on add money.
  • Choose Chime bank details and click on add.
  • Determine the amount you wish to transfer and press continue to review your transfer.
  • Select add amount.

You can also request for funds transfer via the PayPal website To get started:

  • Open the PayPal website on your computer browser
  • Log in to your account and scroll to transfer.
  • Click on add money to your balance under the money tab
  • Scroll to select Chime as the preferred bank and choose the amount you wish to transfer from your account.
  • Select add and confirm the transaction. 
  • Note that this process takes three to five business days and doesn’t incur extra costs.  You will get a PayPal email after the transaction is complete. 

Option 2: Transfer Funds to PayPal Cash Card From a Chime Account

PayPal now has a PayPal cash card that allows you to deposit funds directly like a traditional bank account.  You can also use it as a Mastercard or to withdraw from an ATM.

Note that you need to have your PayPal verified to request a PayPal cash card.  You can verify your PayPal by linking your bank account, debit card, or credit card. Alternatively, you can apply for PayPal credit and wait for approval. 

After verification, you can request the PayPal cash card by:

  • Click on the PayPal cash card page and select get the card.
  • Log into your PayPal account and on the lower right of the app, select the more option.
  • Click on order a cash card
  • Confirm your delivery address.

It takes up to ten days to receive your physical cash card. You’ll need to activate the cash card by logging into your PayPal account and putting in your card’s expiration date details. Tap on activating the card and enter a four-digit pin. Confirm your cash card activation.

Note that you need to have your cash card account and routing numbers. That allows you to send funds to your PayPal from your Chime without linking the two together. 

You can find your bank and routing numbers by:

  • Logging in to your PayPal account and scrolling over to the settings.
  • You should see the details of your bank and routing numbers

To transfer money from your Chime account to a PayPal cash card, you’ll need to:

  • Launch Your Chime App
  • Log into your Chime account and select move money.
  • Tap on transfers and provide your PayPal cash card routing and account numbers.

The second method works if you plan on transferring funds to a different PayPal account as you don’t need to link your Chime account to the PayPal cash card.

Option 3: Using a Linked Bank Account to Transfer Money From Chime to PayPal

The third method doesn’t need you to connect Chime and PayPal directly or apply for a PayPal cash card. 

You can use a linked bank account to transfer funds from Chime to PayPal.

The process involves:

  • Launching your Chime application and logging into your account.
  • Scroll and click on move money.
  • Choose transfers and select your preferred external bank.
  • Add your bank’s routing and bank account number.

After you’ve linked your Chime account to an external account, you can now link PayPal to the same account.

Note that you must add the linked external bank account to PayPal first for you to get money from Chime on PayPal. You’ll simply need to add a new bank account on PayPal by providing your account type details, bank number, and routing number. 

After linking your external bank account to PayPal, you can initiate the transfer. 

Start by sending money from your Chime account to the external bank account. Your money will appear in the account within five business days. The next step is to add the funds from your external bank account to your PayPal. 

You can choose to deposit money from your external bank to the PayPal cash card, transfer the funds using the PayPal website, or use the PayPal app to transfer funds from your external bank account. 

Can I Send Money from PayPal to Chime?

Yes, you can transfer funds from PayPal to Chime. However, you’ll need to link PayPal to Chime for this to work.

To connect PayPal to Chime, you need to:

  • Log into your Chime account to get your Chime account and routing numbers.
  • Scroll over to the settings and select the Move Money menu. You should get the account and routing number. 
  • Open your PayPal account and click on the Pay and Get Paid option.
  • On the Wallet Menu, select the Bank and Cards option
  • Head over to the Bank section and tap on add a new one. Choose the option that allows you to add bank account details separately. 
  • Select the personal account and add Chime routing and account number.
  • Click on the link your bank to link PayPal to your Chime account. 

You can now make a transfer to ascertain that everything is working. 

Are There Fees for Using Chime with PayPal

Chime transfers are free, and you won’t incur any fees.

Note that PayPal charges a fee to make money transfers. However, if you use the indirect method to transfer funds from PayPal to Chime, the transactions are free. 

Are There Limits for Using Chime with PayPal?

A verified PayPal account allows a maximum of $10,000 per transaction.

However, with the Chime Pay Friends P2P system, you can only send a maximum of $2,000 a month. With external banks, you get a maximum transfer limit of $200 a day and up to $1,000 every month unless the process is initiated by your external bank account. 

Additionally, PayPal allows you to link your account with banks from anywhere in the world. With Chime, you can transfer funds to external banks, but not all banks are eligible. 

What If I Have Problems Using Chime with PayPal?

You may have problems using Chime with PayPal if you haven’t verified your PayPal account. Start by verifying your account by linking a debit card or adding your bank details.

Providing the wrong routing and account numbers can also make the funds transfer a challenge, check and confirm these details before proceeding to link them to your PayPal account. 

Also, Chime is powered by bankcorp and PayPal views it as a prepaid card, which means you can’t add it directly to PayPal. 

Follow the steps above to link your Chime account with PayPal. 

Wrapping Up

It’s possible to use Chime to transfer funds to PayPal and vice versa. However, for the process to work, you need to link PayPal to Chime. PayPal views Chime as a bank and you’ll need to add it under the banks’ section on the PayPal website. Hopefully, the steps above will help you link the two payment platforms to make the transfers easy.