Using Zelle with Cash App (Complete 2023 Guide)

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Zelle simplifies peer-to-peer (P2P) money transfer processes by allowing users to move money from bank account to bank account. The mobile payment app has enabled users to transfer 1.8 billion dollars in 2021, creating a 49% increase from 2020.

Thankfully, no more wasting time driving to the bank or ATM to get cash. Also, money transfers that generally take five business days can now be done instantly via the mobile payment app. Great, another bonus of using Zelle!

But, since Zelle allows you to transfer money, can you also enjoy the benefits of using Zelle with Cash App? You can find all the information you need to use Zelle with Cash App below.

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Does Zelle work with Cash App?

Since Cash App and Zelle are both mobile money transfer apps, it should make sense that you can use them together. However, you can’t. You can’t transfer money directly between them.

If you want to transfer money from your Cash App to your Zelle account or vice versa, you need to do some extra steps. No worries, the steps are easy and don’t take long to perform. I’ll explain how to do this in the next section.

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How do I transfer money from Zelle to Cash App?

If you would like to transfer money from Zelle to Cash App, the first step is to link the bank account you use for Zelle to your Cash App. Here are the steps to make sure you know how to link a bank account to your Cash App:

  • First, open up your Cash App on your phone.
  • Then, tap on the symbol that looks like a miniature bank in the bottom left-hand corner.
  • If you don’t have a bank account linked already, Cash App gives you the option to “Add Bank Account.”
  • Here you’ll add your banking information and make sure it’s the same bank account you use for Zelle.
  • If you already have a bank account linked to your Cash App and it’s not the same one you use for Zelle, then you’ll have to delete the account on your Cash App and add the one you use for Zelle.

After you finish doing this, you can now complete the steps to transfer money from Zelle to Cash App. The best way to transfer is by using Cash App as a recipient account to send money directly.

Zelle does not hold your money, and all money is directly transferred to your bank account. Once you receive the cash in your bank account, you can transfer it to your Cash App balance and use it however you like.

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How do I send money from Cash app to Zelle?

You can do it indirectly if you have money in your Cash App and want to move it to your Zelle account. Unfortunately, there’s only one way you can do this, and it requires you to have the same bank account linked to Cash App and Zelle.

You can withdraw the money in your Cash App and send it to your bank account. After that, you can send it to Zelle. If you decide to wait for the transfer to complete, it’ll take one to two business days for the transaction to complete.

Of course, you can avoid this and choose the instant transfer option. Once the money is in your Zelle account, you can then transfer the money into someone else Zelle account. However, it’s a complicated process, and it might be easier if you ask your friend to create a Cash App account to send them money.

Is Zelle and cash app the same?

No, Zelle and Cash App are not the same and are two different money transfer services. Using Cash App, users can send and receive money with just a few clicks. (It comes in handy at times!)

The money you receive from others or your payment goes to your account’s wallet or Cash App balance. Cash App is kind of like a bank where you can keep your money there until you’re ready to use it for payment or send it to others. As for Zelle, it’s a payment service that makes it possible for users to transfer money directly between bank accounts.

Cash App cards and Zelle are incompatible, so you cannot link them together. So, when you try to enter your Cash App card information, Zelle will not let you do so and give you an error message.

Zelle will tell you your card is not eligible to be linked and will direct you to read more about their card eligibility.

Are There Fees for Using Zelle and Cash App Together?

A bonus of using Zelle is that there are no hidden fees or costs to transfer money from one bank account to another. Although, Zelle does recommend you check with your bank to see if there’s a fee to using the mobile app services.

In Cash App, there is an instant transfer fee between 0.5% and 1.75% (for a minimum fee of $0.25), and it shows up immediately on your debit card. To avoid paying any fees when using Zelle and Cash App together, make sure to contact your bank to learn about their fees and avoid using Cash App’s instant transfer feature. It usually takes one to two days after the transfer for the standard delivery to appear.

Wrapping Up

Both Cash App and Zelle are popular ways to send money to friends and transfer money between accounts. It’s a bummer that you can’t use them both to send money in the apps, but fortunately, you learn how to do it indirectly.

As explained above, you must link the same bank account to both Zelle and Cash App to move money between the two. Of course, if you have any questions, send me an email, and I’ll get back to you as fast as I can.