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What Bank is Cash App using Plaid in 2023? (Important Info!)

Disclaimer: This content is not intended to be financial advice and is for informational purposes only. aTimeforCash is reader-supported. We may earn commissions if you buy through our links at no cost to you.

If you’re an avid Cash App user, we’re sure you might have heard the news that Plaid is one of the newest apps to integrate with Cash App. This new feature means that your paycheck, paycheck transfer, and other online transactions through Plaid will automatically deposit funds into your account.

At the moment, Cash App supports banks through Lincoln Savings Bank as its primary financial institution.

This allows users to connect their accounts and start transferring money right away. There are no hidden fees or extra charges – everything is streamlined for a fast, easy experience.

However, there are a few things you should know first before doing so.

What bank is Cash App plaid
What bank is Cash App when using Plaid?

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Can You Use Cash App with Plaid?

Yes, you can. Plaid is one of the newest integrations with Cash App. The ability to transfer funds using the Cash App is available on iOS, Android, and the web.

Plaid users who have already downloaded the app can make deposits into their account through Cash App, and they can now send money with one click. It’s super easy to make payments to friends and family, schedule recurring payments, and more.

Plaid and Cash App provides a way to access your banking information. You can easily deposit, withdraw, and view transaction histories using Plaid with Cash App or without it.

For those who want the extra security of Plaid, there’s no reason not to use it with Cash App. Both apps are made to work together seamlessly.

At a glance, Plaid does not charge fees for transfers from bank accounts. Some banks may charge fees for each transfer over a certain amount or, in some cases, to withdraw funds from ATMs. Once the funds are transferred to your Plaid account, you can send money to others for free with Cash App. It’s that easy.

Here’s How To Use The Plaid With Cash App

Follow these steps to link your bank account with Plaid and have it work with Cash App:

Step 1: Use Cash App and select the “Banking” tab.

Step 2: Select “Linked Accounts” or “Linked Banks,” depending on if you have an account already linked to your Cash App account or not.

Step 3: A list of financial institutions will appear with a prompt on whether you are using Plaid or not. To link your bank account to the app without Plaid, select any bank from the list and select “Add Account” next.

Step 4: To use Plaid, select “Linked Accounts” or “Linked Bank if you don’t have an account already linked, and instead of choosing your bank from the list, type “CashApp” or “other” in the search bar.

Step 5: Select “Add Manually” from the prompt that appears.

Step 6: Now, enter your information and allow access to your financial institution so you can store your banking account information in Cash App securely.

Plaid offers users a seamless mobile banking experience. You can use it with your favorite bank or credit union for:

  • Transferring funds between accounts
  • Sending and receiving money from others
  • Paying and requesting payments from others through the Zelle network
  • Managing transactions (like setting up recurring transactions)
  • Make bill payments and transfer money to friends’ accounts or another account at your bank or credit union. You can also use Apple Pay and Google Pay on the app.

When you first connect the apps, you’ll be asked to enter a PIN number for security purposes, just as you would when logging into a banking or financial portal online or via mobile banking apps.

In the Plaid app, you’ll be asked to input your personal information to link directly to your bank account.

Here’s How To Make Your Cash App Account Compatible With The Plaid App:

  1. Update your Cash App to the latest version (currently 4.0.3) and ensure you’re logged into your account when you launch it. It will prompt you to sign up for Plaid if you aren’t already using its services in a separate browser tab or on another device.
  2. Follow the instructions on your screen to set up Plaid services from within the app and link them both together, which will allow for the automatic deposit of payments into your Cash App account without any further steps required.
  3. You can now make all your Plaid transactions and deposits to your Cash App the same way you would with any financial app, such as Venmo or Chase QuickPay, which will automatically deposit funds into your account and transfer them to anyone else you wish.

Note: While you can use the Plaid integration, it is not a full-fledged bank account – instead, it’s designed to help simplify some of the simpler transactions that have been onerous for some users. 

If you have more complex financial needs, we recommend using traditional bank accounts with traditional banks. 

What Bank is Cash App on Plaid?

Cash App is now available in Plaid through Lincoln Savings Bank.

Lincoln Savings Bank has partnered with Plaid to offer the ability to deposit and withdraw funds through the Plaid app. Cash App users can use Lincoln Savings Bank’s ATM network, which features more than 250 locations across the United States. 

Plaid users can also roll over their Lincoln Savings account deposits into their Plaid savings accounts and enjoy all the great features of a Lincoln Savings membership. 

As one of the most popular banks in the App Store, you can use Cash App to transfer funds to or buy and sell Bitcoin, sell on their integrated peer-to-peer exchange, and invest in a business account. Linking your Lincoln Savings bank account via Plaid is super easy. 

Here’s What You Need To Do:

  • Add your Lincoln Savings bank account & routing number to Plaid. Just note that it’ll take approximately 24 hours to process before your account is ready for use.
  • Sign up for Cash App and confirm your identity with a Photo ID scan or selfie if you haven’t already done so (if you’re new).
  • At the point of linking, ensure that the bank to which you’re linking your account is Lincoln Savings Bank. If you aren’t sure, then it’s likely that your bank isn’t Lincoln Savings but instead another Texas-based financial service provider like Wells Fargo or USAA.
  • Once your account is linked, you’ll see a “Cash App” account under “My Finances” in Plaid, as well as a “Deposits and Withdrawals” button in Cash App (on iPhone). When you make Plaid deposits, those funds will automatically be deposited into the Cash App savings account associated with that Lincoln Savings Bank account.
  • You can withdraw your funds from Cash App to your linked Lincoln Savings account by tapping the “Transfer” button in your Cash App balance. If you’re using the web version of Cash App, you’ll need to click on “Transfer Funds,” and then, on the tab that says “Transfer Money,” select Lincoln Savings Bank.
  • Confirm your transfer by entering a valid Lincoln Savings Routing Number and Account Number (and signing in). That’s it. Your money will be transferred within a few minutes.

How it Works:

Using the Cash App on your smartphone or tablet, download the free app from the iTunes App Store or Google Play Store. Open the app and agree to allow Cash App access to your information. 

In addition, you can accept this Merchant Agreement. Enter your account information from Lincoln Savings Bank and create a PIN.  Now, you can send and receive money with just a few clicks.

Plaid is an excellent option for safely storing your money if you’re a Lincoln Savings Bank customer. 

Plaid Offers Users The Following Features:

  1. Withdraw your funds from all Lincoln Savings ATMs.  Also, withdraw from thousands of other ATMs with no surcharge fees.  
  2. Withdraw easily from your checking account virtually anywhere in the U.S. by logging into online banking, selecting “Lincoln Savings Bank” as the payee, and then scanning the barcode on your smartphone or tablet at a participating ATM location.  Or better yet, withdraw cash using the Cash App at any participating ATM.
  3. The ability to roll your Lincoln Savings Bank deposits into your Plaid account.  Plaid allows users to roll over their Lincoln Savings deposits from their checking accounts and into their Plaid savings accounts.  
  4. Another great feature of Plaid is the ability to set up separate sub-savings accounts that help you save money for any special occasion, like a vacation or a car purchase. 

Why Isn’t Cash App on Plaid?

Cash App is an app, and Square, a payment processing company, owns it. One of the biggest and most frequently asked questions about Plaid is why Cash App isn’t listed on Plaid?

Cash App and Square do not offer banking services to the public, so they do not use Plaid or other bank linking services. The two companies are only focused on merchant processing.

The company’s mission is to give people worldwide easy access to financial services, focusing on payments and mobile finance solutions. Square accepts payments through its point-of-sale (POS) platform integrated into small businesses worldwide and online. 

Cash App is a part of this mission of financial inclusion for all. The app provides instant access to your money anywhere in the U.S. or the world.

It doesn’t mean that Plaid doesn’t support Cash App. It only means the app hasn’t verified its integration with the company. It could be because Cash App has a younger customer base and is less likely to verify their information with Plaid or other financial institutions.

Plaid was created for older users who have a bank account and do transactions online. It helps them to browse banking information without having to log into their bank/credit union accounts, which can be time-consuming.

Plaid is a fintech company that connects banks and financial institutions with fintech companies. For example, it allows fintech companies to share your financial data depending on your account type.

Step 1: Click the “Banking Services” tab.

Step 2: Select Linked Accounts or Linked Banks.

Step 3: Select “Link Bank,” and instead of selecting a bank from the list, enter “CashApp” or “other” in the search bar.

Step 4: Select “Add manually”

Step 5: Manually link your bank account by entering your routing number and account number.

Is Plaid Safe for Cash App?

Plaid is secure for Cash App. This is because it protects your bank account with each and every financial transaction that occurs.

All your banking information is encrypted and securely shared only with Plaid. Your bank can access all your financial data as desired.

The information is encrypted and securely shared by Plaid. Your bank can access all your financial data. It’s completely private and safe.

Security measures are top-notch and encrypted with SSL certificates. You’ll never see the original version of your bank data after using Plaid.

The Plaid website reassures customers they encrypt their data and keep it private. It’s even certified to the bank standards. In addition, the company complies with federal and state regulations regarding encryption, data access procedures, incident response, and auditing.

A third party can never view or access your financial information with the encryption process. Only you and the financial institution will access your money, information, and account history on Cash App.

Additionally, Plaid is perfectly safe if you use it correctly. For example, sharing your banking login information with Plaid is secure. It encrypts and protects information while protecting your personal information, like your social security number, through a virtual card number.

Cash App users don’t need to worry about their data with Plaid because it secures all transmitted financial and banking data to prevent unauthorized access or other malicious activities.

Plaid Has Strict Safety And Security Policy That Includes:

  • You may run into issues using the app if you don’t link your bank account using Plaid. For example, receiving a pending payment message until it verifies your identity will take time to complete.
  • If Plaid doesn’t link your bank account or debit card to your Cash App account, you won’t have access to your funds. You can only connect, deposit, withdraw, and view transaction history.

What to Do If You Have Issues Using Cash App with Plaid?

Cash App has its troubleshooting steps. However, there’s also a support page for Plaid if you run into problems while using Cash App without Plaid.

You can do a few things if you’re having issues using Cash App with Plaid.

Contact your bank and ask them if they support Plaid. They will add Plaid to the list of supported online payment methods if they do.

Access the Plaid support page, where you can ask questions or submit a ticket. Remember to include your email address.

Plaid is a service that provides an easy way to link your bank account with Cash App through a secure link between the two financial services accounts. 

Try another browser. Sometimes, older browsers aren’t compatible with newer things or updates. Try using a different browser or updating your current browser.

Restarting your iPhone or Android device can also fix problems sometimes. It refreshes software and resets settings, including the background processes that may be causing problems with Cash App without Plaid setup.

Short Answer:

Problem: I signed up, but I can’t add my bank account

Solution: Double-check your username and password to check for typos. Contact support and report the problem if you still can’t add your bank account. 

Problem: Plaid Error 

Solution: Unable to connect to the bank. Some Plaid errors include: Unable to connect to the bank or server error message, unable to connect or unable to parse the response from the financial institution

Problem: Unable To Identify Banking Institution or No Data Available 

Solution: You might have entered a wrong banking institution name or address that doesn’t exist. If you incorrectly type in your banking institution name or address, contact support and report the issue. 

Problem: Incorrect Banking Routing Number 

Solution: You may have entered an incorrect banking routing number, bank name, or account number. If your routing number is incorrect, contact support and report the issue. 

Wrapping Up

By using Plaid with Cash App, you can fund your Cash App account with your bank account and keep control of your funds. It’s a secure way to link banking accounts with Cash App and other P2P apps.

The best part of using Cash App on Plaid is that banking information is encrypted, so you can rest easy knowing it’s all secure at all times. Security is one of the biggest things about the Plaid app. Anyone trying to access your financial information can only see the last four digits of your bank account number or the name on your card(s).